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In Matthew 25:40 of the Bible, Jesys challenges us to help the "least of these": those who are hungry, thirsty, homeless, and in prision, and wants to redeem them back to who they are in Him and through Him, even after our culture has turned their backs on them. We want to be instruments of change through his grace

Christmas breakfast

Sunday Mornings

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Every Sunday with gather with our friends in Center City Park to share meals, fellowship, and provide for the daily needs of the people we serve.


Email RLMGreensboro@gmail.com if you have questions, or just show up to

Center City Park Sundays in downtown Greensboro at 8 am.

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This is one of our favorite things we do all year! Every Christmas we gather with the people we serve to celebrate the birth of Christ with the intention of sharing the true meaning of Christmas. The same groups that we partner with us on Sunday mornings come together to share gifts, music, and the best Christmas breakfast in Greensboro. This isn't only a blessing to the people we serve but to us as well, and it has become a family tradition for many people across Greensboro.

Contact us to find out how to get involved in our various out reaches

Every Sunday Morning we gather

at Center City Park in downtown 

Greensboro. We provide meals, clothes,

prayer, and so much more. Redeeming

Life partners with churches,

organizations, and individuals from

all over the city to make this